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5 Things Homeowners Don't Know About Iron Balusters

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Stunning Stair Balusters
Stunning Stair Balusters

5 Things Homeowners Don't Know About Iron Balusters

When you enter a home or building the central focal point is often the staircase – clunky staircases or worn and broken spindles won't impress your guests and can make your space seem dated. Give your space the refresh you're looking for – Iron balusters offer great aesthetics that can complement any style, but many people don't know about their versatility and benefits.

1. Iron Balusters Complement Any Space

Wrought iron has been around for a long time so it is often considered to be a traditional material to homeowners, but iron balusters are a popular choice for everyone from those with traditional tastes to individuals who always like to stay on trend.

Carolina Stair's versatile offering of traditional and modern designs, styles and finishes make iron balusters a great option for your any balustrade. From standard ribbon twist styles to intricate and more elaborate designs, iron balusters are a stylish choice for homeowners.

2. It Doesn't Stop at Great Looks

Not only does our wide range of elegant iron baluster styles and patterns add beauty to your staircase, they are also long lasting and hold up better to the wear and tear of a busy household. It will take a whole lot more to chip or break iron balusters than daily use by families, which might have already caused your existing balusters to show their age.

Because of their durable iron material, they offer great strength and also added stability that can help ensure your staircase is safe for your family. Our resistant powder coatings make our iron balusters perfect for use indoors or for outdoor applications that need to hold up to the elements, even in winter months.

3. You Don't Need to Start from Scratch

Many people think you will need to replace your entire staircase to give it an updated look, but that's not the case – if you like the look of your wooden balustrade and newel posts, replacing just your existing balusters with our elegant iron balusters can give an entirely new look to your space while saving you time and money.

From our wide range of iron baluster styles including Carolina Stair's Ole' Iron Slides, the only patented adjustable balusters, you can choose parts that complement your existing structure and get your staircase looking brand new in no time at all!

4. Your Space Feels Larger and More Open with Iron Balusters

Clunky staircases not only make your home feel more dated, they can block your homes sightlines causing your home to also feel smaller. Open floor plans are all the rage, but if your home's staircase is built in the middle of your home, it's not like you can completely redo your house floor plan to bring this open feel to your home.

Just remove your bulky, wide existing balusters and replace them with iron balusters – since the versatile designs of iron balusters are sleek and narrow they give your staircase the illusion that it's "see-through." Without obstructing any views your home feels more spacious and gives a better first impression to all your guests.

5. You Can Choose a Unique Installation

If you like to be the only person to have something, you're in luck. When you build a custom staircase from scratch with Carolina Stair parts and accessories, or even if you're just updating your spindles to contemporary looking iron balusters, you aren't tied down to one set style. You can combine our iron baluster designs to form extensive patterns.

Choose two different designs and rotate them or pair an elaborate design with a simpler choice like one of our standard ribbon twists – there's no many designs you can create! With iron

Posted by: Matt Edwards, Co-CEO

Matt Edwards has been in the stair industry nearly his whole life. With a lifetime of experience also comes a wealth of knowledge and skill that would be difficult to surpass. Matt is the engine that drives Carolina Stair Supply as he helps to shape the company's future. Matt handles custom projects and quotes, as well as sales.