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Wood or Iron- we have what you're looking for
Wood or Iron- we have what you're looking for

No matter if you like the look of traditional wood, or adore the modern look of iron, Carolina Stair has something to match your personal taste.

Trying to update your deck? No problem! We've got you covered with Ole Iron Slides adjustable exterior balusters.

Dragging your staircase into the modern age? We can help you do this with quality wood and iron products.

Not willing to spend all kinds of money on updating your staircase? Well look no further! Carolina Stair's patented Ole Iron Slides adjustable balusters are the perfect do-it-yourself project.

There are so many benefits to buying your stair parts from Carolina Stair; the best benefit being a beautiful staircase!

Great Prices...Great Products...Carolina Stair.

Posted by: Fran Terazzi, Assistant Office Manager / Blogging Information Specialist

Fran has recently made her foray into the Stair Industry and is coming out of the gate strong by accumulating knowledge through informing others. She is the creative hub of the company and will be a frequent contributor to our website moving forward.