Ole' Iron Slides™ Adjustable Shoe Bracket


Ole' Iron Slides™ Adjustable Shoe Bracket

Separate swivel base to replace bottom flat shoe - product code ISSW - now comes included in the package. Because of this, this part has been discontinued. 

Available Iron Finishes

AN | Anodized Nickle

SAT | Satin Black Powder Coat

ORC | Oil Rubbed Copper

B | Flat Black Powder Coat


Exclusive Carolina Product

U.S. Patented adjustable Ole' Iron Slides balusters requires no cutting and minimal drilling - anyone can easily install

Complete System

A part of our complete stair system.

Easy Availability

From one of our many dealers nationwide. If we don't have a nearby dealer, we'll find you one!

Guaranteed Quality

Carolina Stair Supply stands behind all of the products we produce.


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